Brake controllers allow far better controll and behaviour of your trailers everytime you apply the brakes.

REDARC and TEKONSHA have a great range of brake control systems that provide an easy to operate method of controlling electric brakes on camper-trailers, trailers, caravan or boat trailer.

REDARC and TEKONSHA have easy-to-set brake control systems allowing full flexibility for the driver in determining how the trailer should respond when braking.

What do I need a brake controller for?

Most modern caravans will have built in electric brakes fitted to the van. An electric current to your brakes comes from a brake controller mounted inside your tow vehicle, to make them work. Any trailer or caravan that exceeds 750kg or more must be fitted with a form of independent brakes. The most common of these are, Electric.

We stock and install the following Brake Controls;