There is a lot of "Talk" about DC to DC chargers and "Do i really need it" questions about this subject.

Fact is, you will 100% benefit from DC to DC charging in any dual battery setup. The DC to DC chargers switch off when the batteries are full and goes into float charge. So you can never overcharge your expensive batteries. The other reason why you are better off with a DC-DC charger is it will charge your battery to 100% of its claimed capacity. Alternators wont do this.

However, many newer 4wd's/cars run what we call a "smart alternator" or "variable alternator" what this means is your 4wd/car monitors your electrical usage and shuts down the alternators output. With these 4wds/cars you have no choice but to use DC to DC chargers to keep those voltages high enough for aux batteries to charge.

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Redarc BCDC 1240 is a 40amp DC-DC Charger. Perfect for larger capacity systems

Redarc BCDC 1240 is a 40amp DC-DC Charger

Redarc BCDC 1240 is a 40amp DC-DC Charger

This charger was used for 2 x 120ah AGMDeep Cycle full river batteries over 8 meters away from the 4wd's alternator.

The customer also required the use of the inbuilt MPPT solar regulator feature.

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Redarc BCDC 1240LV. Used in Low Voltage Disconnect systems.

Redarc BCDC 1240LV

Redarc BCDC 1240LV

This redarc DC-DC charger was installed into a 2012 Ford ranger charging 2 x 100ah Wet Deep cycle batteries under 3 meters away.

We also wired a by-pass solenoid in so he can jump-start from his aux batteries at the push of a button.

The MPPT solar regulator input feature on this charger was also utilised using an 80amp changeover relay.

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