Running your 3way fridge in your caravan while driving can be a nightmare if not done properly.

Flat batteries, fridges defrosting and melting trailer plugs are all common events that occur all too often.

Do it right once and never get an issue again with 12volt Hot Wire.

The main issue that we find with your cars 12volt battery running the fridge is voltage drop. This happens when the guage and distance of the wiring from your cars main battery to the trailer plug is insufficient to handle the high current draw from the 3way fridge in your camper. The solution:

1. Upgrade your wiring to handle the demand.

2. Choose to have it on an isolator allowing your cars main battery to disconnect from the fridge as you turn the engine off. (saves flat car batteries)

3. Upgrade the fridge line on your car and camper to the anderson plug system.

All 7pin trailer plugs can only handle around 15amps through their pins. Upgrading to the anderson plug system allows up to 50amps of current flow, eliminating any chance of melted plugs and possible fire.

12 Volt Hot Wire. 7pin Plug, 12pin Plug and Anderson Plug upgrades done on-site

12volt Hot Wire

12volt Hot Wire