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Caravan Rewiring

Caravan Rewiring

This job included charging and running a 12 volt house battery system while also charging from the 24volt bus batteries and also running the Dometic 3way AES fridge from the 24volt Bus batteries while driving.
We used the Redarc Bcdc series to get the 24volt - 14.4volts charge for the house batteries. This ensures a full 100% charge to the 12volt house batteries. The Dometic 3way AES fridge was also wired so when driving its running from the main 24volt bus batteries and changes over to the 12volt house batteries when stopped (house batteries only run the fridge light and gas ignition). This required us to tap into the first battery from the 24volt bus batteries from an ignition controlled 24volt relay. We used the Redarc CE25 to replace the amps we pull from the first battery for the AES fridge.
The projecta 35amp charger takes care of mains 240volt charging and the side mounted anderson plug allows the use of the customers 180 watt fold out solar panel as an addition to roof mounted solar panels.
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