Complete mobile installation.

Front Rear reversing sensors will enable ease of parking and safe reversing in all situations.

Colour coded to suit your car.

Front and Rear Sensor kits

front rear reversing sensors

front rear reversing sensors

This sensor is designed to provide an aid to reverse parking and front parking. The driver is made aware of any obstacles behind the vehicle which may not be visible Operation

•Six to Eight ultrasonic detector heads Detector heads may be mounted flush in the bumper or above/below bumper on brackets where clearance behind bumper does not allow for flush mounting Visual Output

•Digital display shows distance to obstacle LED segment display shows distance to closest obstacle in meters, increasing or decreasing in 0.1m increments. LED's make distance visible especially at night

•Obstacle location display Display also features a three segment bar graph for each side of the car. Left and right bar graphs light according to which side the obstacle is located. If right bar is at maximum due to obstacle at close range, the left bar code will still display measurements for obstacles further away on left hand side (and vice-versa) Audio Output

•Piezo buzzer warning Display module emits beeps as vehicle approaches obstacle. The beeps become more frantic as the distance to the obstacle gets smaller Specifications

•Wide Operating voltage Operating voltage +9VDC to +15VDC

•Accuracy and coverage Systems are supplied in four head configuration to provide high accuracy and wider coverage

•Measurements Sensors will pickup obstacles between 0.3 to 2.0 metres in 0.1 metre increments

Unit operates in reversing situations only for the rear sensors and when braking the front sensors take over.

Fully installed $720 add $50 for colour matching.